Funny Novelty Wood Triangle Desktop Sign Office Desk Decor Unnecessary Projects - american art decor
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This silly desk plaque is the perfect piece to gift to your favorite coworker. Bearing the words, "director of unnecessary projects," this tongue and cheek desk decor piece is sure to get a rise out of your office buddies! Crafted out of white wood and laser-etched, this novelty desk name plate is fun, quirky, and perfect for brightening up your office space. Purchase or gift one of these funny name plaques as a gag, or make a practical joke of them by replacing your manager's usual decor with one of these lighthearted options. Either way, this simple wooden decor piece is guaranteed to break the ice! PRODUCT SPECS: Material: Wood Dimensions: 10.5" W x 2.87" H x 2.62" D Weight: 0.75 lbs