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Forbidden Fruit Serum - 2 OZ

Forbidden Fruit Serum - daily ritual apothecary


The Daily Ritual Forbidden Fruit Serum - A wellness elixir for your skin. A blend of skin healing oils, real rose petals, and essential oils for a more natural fragrance - your skin will thank you for using this one. Absorbable and non-clogging, it can be applied head to toe. + Since it's oil-based a little goes a long way. For our #fragrancefreeskincare friends we've got you covered with our SOS Serum Our small-batch, cruelty-free, plant-based, artificial preservative-free, and all-natural serums come in eco-friendly glass jars. With nourishing oils, elevating mood altering essential oils, and potent botanicals. As I breathe in vital energy slowly and deeply, I allow myself to be fully present in this moment.