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Electric Can Opener, Smooth Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener, One-Touch Switch, Restaurant Can Opener, Chef's Best Choice, Best Kitchen Gadget For A

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Electric Can Opener Smooth Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener One Touch Switch Restaurant Can Opener Chef's Best Choice Best Kitchen Gadget For A - jingjiutrade
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Why choose our Electric Can Opener?Can opener is a must-have kitchen tool for every household, Completely different from conventional designs, automatic can opener uncaps cans through the inner-side pressure, smart and safe. This makes both the cover and the container intact, ensuring proper storage of the leftover.How to use:Step1 - Place the Can Opener on top of the can with its rim positioned in the groove between the Cutter and the Drive Wheel.Step2 - With the can on a flat surface, press the button for about one second and release it, then the Can Opener will start cutting the side of the can.Step3 - When the cutting has completed, press the button immediately to reverse the cutter.Step4 - Make sure that the cutter resets to the start position and the motor stops. Then, lift the can opener off the can.When you remove the can opener from the can, the magnet on the can opener will help you pick up the lid, no need to fish the can with your fingers! It is healthier and safer than traditional can openers because strong magnets do all the work. The Package Includes:Electric opener can*1Length:6.5inchWidth:2.55IinchGlass can opener*1Length:4.13inchUpper width:2.55inchLower width:1.96inchPrecautions:Please read all instructions carefully before using the can opener.Please keep it out of reach of children.Please clean up in time after use.Please note that the product does not contain cans and batteries.Do not lift or forcefully remove the can opener from the can while it is operational.Forceful removal can cause damage to the knife edge.