Econohome Wall Mount Smart Space Heater Panel With Wi fi Thermostat 400w Convection Heater - econo home


Our wall heaters provide heat by convection currents that rise from behind the panel, producing a consistent room temperature. Air is pushed over a convection heating element, allowing warm air to circulate throughout the room. The panel heats the room quickly while achieving a higher room temperature at the same electrical rating. Our wall mount heaters include a heat reflector, greatly reducing heat loss that would normally be absorbed into the wall. This heater was made with the highest quality components. It conforms to UL-2021 standards, complies with all international safety standards and does not emit any VOCs! The exterior casing of this Heater can be painted. We recommend using a no-odor, water-based, no VOC paint of any color to match or enhance the décor of any room. There is NO FAN, which makes our heater ideal for Asthma or Allergy sufferers, and will help prevent congestion & heat irritation, as well as dust accumulation. Perfect for babies, children & adults!