Dried Rosemary Leaves One Container of Dried Rosemary Herbs Perfect for Seasoning and Spices Blends for Grilling and Cooking - mccormick culinary


Consistent Flavor: McCormick Culinary Rosemary Leaves feature a fresh, bittersweet flavor and a signature, pine-woody aroma; careful global sourcing ensures every product delivers a pure and consistent flavor Premium Quality: Explicitly sourced for chefs, these dried rosemary leaves are thoughtfully selected to ensure added visual appeal and premium quality, and they pair well with many other spices and seasonings Natural Ingredients: McCormick Culinary Rosemary Leaves are kosher and contain no added MSG for a balanced flavor, so you can feel confident using them to season dishes for all your guests Easy Application: Our 6-ounce size is just right to have on hand for back-of-house recipe customization; the container's convenient split lid allows you to dispense as little or as much rosemary seasoning as you like Menu Versatility: These versatile dried rosemary leaves are commonly used to enhance lamb dishes and complement the flavors in other meat and fish; you can use McCormick Culinary Rosemary Leaves to prepare a wide range of innovative and traditional dishes