Deluxe Utility Weight Bench for Weightlifting and Strength Training Adjustable Sit Up Ab Incline Bench Gym Equipment - anysun


Features: Full body workout perfect for beginners and long-time trainers, this unit provides an effective workout for the whole body. This versatile bench can be used to train different parts of your physique. 2" Thick Padding: Upholstered in highly durable vinyl material that will last you for years to come and formulated for easy maintenance and water resistance for easy wipe downs after intense weight bench workouts. Adjustable Position: Bench pads are customizable to fit every position. The backrest pad can be adjusted into 5 positions, which include incline, and flat. The seat pad can be rearranged into 3 positions to accommodate the backrest pad positions. Soft Foam Padding: Features dense foam padding throughout for a soft firm surface perfect for long periods of sitting or doing involved sit up or weight lifting bench exercises to build the core, back, chest, and more. The platform can be used for arm lifting exercises, back training, ab workouts, and bench presses, and other workouts Quality Construction: With powder-coated finish and made of 14 gauges steel and padding, this utility bench can carry a maximum weight of 800 lbs. It has Transport wheels and a handle for easy storage and can be added to any rack or cage system. Warm Tip: Please make sure to tighten down all the bolts/nuts when you plan to lift, as this ensures maximum stability.