Deluxe Comfort Half Moon Cylinder Memory Foam Pillow ? Therapeutic Back and Knee Pain Relief ? Long Lasting Memory Foam ? Supportive Contour ? Bed Pillow Firm - living healthy products
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Ideally, a good night's sleep is intended to rest and rejuvenate your body; pampering you from head to toe even as it prepares you for the challenges of a new day. Yet if your pillow only serves to support your head, then chances are you are bound to wake up with stiffness and body pain. Introducing the Firm 4-in-1 Memory Foam Pillow in white. This whisper-soft and luxurious cervical curve pillow addresses and comforts individual parts of your body, morphing at once into a spinal support pillow, a knee roll pillow, an ankle pillow, a bolster pillow for knees, a lumbar pillow form, a neck roll pillow form, a back pillow, etc. This is a long bolster pillow that truly does serve to pamper and support you; treating you, not only to a full night's sleep, but to a rest session that targets specific target areas in your body. When you awaken, your spine is likely to be more aligned and your body aches, lessoned and eased. Infinite comfort is another valuable byproduct of this firm bolster pillow. Made from the same material as a memory foam seat cushion (never requiring refills), this delightful crescent-shaped pillow shifts to conform to the contours of your body. The ultimate in big pillows for bed, this feels like a veritable gel seat cushion or foam cushion couch! Ideal for optimum REM sleeping, this pillow is also portable! Light and easy to pack and carry, this comfy gel cushion is the perfect travel pillow, elderly seat cushion, high wheel chair cushion, or orthopedic gel cushion. This 4-in-1 really is an all in one ? and more than that, it does a body good!