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Colouring Book of VEHICLES (Paperback)

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Colouring Book of VEHICLES Paperback - durlabh esahitya ed board
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This Colouring Book is for Nursery, LKG, UKG and toddlers and will help your children to learn the name of the Vehicles and their colours. This Vehicles colouring book containing line art to which childrens are intended to add color using crayons, coloured pencils, marker pens, paint or other artistic media. Many educators concluded that art education is a means of enhancing their conceptual understanding of the tangible, developing their cognitive abilities, and improving their skills. Now a days Colouring books are widely used in schooling for children for various reasons. Because children are often more interested in colouring books rather than using other learning methods; pictures may also be more memorable than simple text. Colouring books may also increase the creativity capicity in children. This Colouring books is also helpful for those who does not speak and understand the primary language of instruction or communication.