Collapsible Waterproof Rectangle Laundry Basket - dii
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DII Laundry baskets Are The Answer to Your Laundry Room Needs! Our collapsible laundry hampers are coated on the inside, to ensure it does not absorb or leak moisture and keep your surroundings mold-free! Use it for organizing detergents and cleaning supplies in your laundry room or bathroom. Keep your laundry together effortlessly with these stylish laundry baskets. The sturdy, removable, bag in stylish designs makes moving your laundry from hamper to machine as simple as a lift. With a metal collapsible frame, this hamper not only cleans up your living space, but it looks good doing so. Use it a home or in the dorms and always keep that laundry as organized as the rest of your home. Versatile baskets Are Essential For Your Laundry Needs Use them for your dirty laundry, your folded clothes or organization in your home. This strong canvas baskets are made to last through whatever your home. Bring color and interest to a dull room with vibrant hues and a sophisticated look while also adding functionality. These trendy baskets have become very popular due to their simple yet chic look, versatility and dependability. We Have Sizes for Any Purpose! Use them for your dirty laundry, your folded clothes or organization in your home.Strongly constructed these laundry baskets are up to the task of being carried to-and-fro, used to transport laundry or household goods - these baskets will handle it. DII laundry baskets are made from high quality canvas with durable handles for easy transport. The material and construction provides a long lasting basket that you can use over and over again.