Collapsible Plastic Laundry Basket - mind reader


The Mind Reader plastic, collapsible laundry basket is the perfect addition to your laundry room or living space. Made with durable, heavy-duty plastic, this foldable hamper has ample capacity at 38 liters (10 Gal.) and will hold more than a large load of laundry while also not taking up all that space when not in use. Compact design: this clothes hamper folds closed to only 1.5 in. Wide, so it is easy to store and stow away when not in use, even in small living spaces. Just tuck it away in your closet or next to your washing machine or dryer when it is not needed. The compact design is perfect for use in apartments, studios, dorm rooms, closets and laundry rooms. Dimensions: This rectangular hamper measures 27.5 in L x 1.5 in W x 15.25 in H when folded closed. When open, it measures 23 in L x 12.5 in W x 15.25 in H. Easy to carry: with a wide, cut-out handle, this laundry sorter is easy to carry as needed, whether it is to the laundromat, your laundry room or around the house. The plastic construction is airy and lightweight, too. Ventilated: featuring an allover cut-out design, this laundry hamper promotes airflow and helps to promote fast drying of wet clothing, towels or linens and minimize mold and odor from developing. Sturdy: made with durable, heavy-duty plastic, this clothes basket is designed and built to last, even with frequent use and for carrying or storing heavy objects. Multi-purpose: use it for more than just laundry. Color: Brown.