Collapsible Laundry Basket Pop Up Foldable Clothing Storage Container Organizer Portable Wash Bin with Carry Handles Plastic 22 lbs - mind reader


MULTI-LOAD CAPACITY - This convenient basket can hold multiple loads of laundry at one time, so you can enjoy all the storage you need at hand for those heavy-duty laundry days STRONG AND STURDY - Constructed from tough rubber and plastic, this hamper can support the weight of up to 22 lbs. of your dirty laundry without bending or buckling LOW PROFILE - Suited for smaller living spaces like dorm rooms, apartments, and more, this hamper’s collapsible design allows it to fold flat and hide away neatly when not in use CONVENIENT CARRYING - The lightweight, durable construction of the hamper and cut out carrying handles make it more convenient than ever to carry your laundry from room to room DIMENSIONS - 16.73″ L x 25.39″ W x 9.45″ H ODOR PROTECTION - Plastic construction resists odor and stains, and is easy to clean, with a ventilated design that allows air to properly circulate throughout the basket and your laundry DAPPER DECOR - Stylish, minimalist design blends with your laundry room, dorm room, apartment, kids’ room, or any other interior decorative scheme SIMPLE SETUP - With no assembly required, you can start using your pop-up basket right out of the box