Collapsible Laundry 38 Liter Ventilated Plastic Hamper Compact Clothes Basket 38 L - mind reader


COMPACT, COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN: This laundry basket folds closed to only 1.5 inches wide, so it is easy to store and stow away when not in use, even in small living spaces. LARGE CAPACITY: At a 38 liter (10 gallon) capacity, this hamper is spacious enough to hold large loads of laundry. Use more than one at a time in your laundry room as a laundry sorter to divide clothing, linens, and hand wash items. EASY TO CARRY: With a wide, cut-out handle, this hamper is easy to carry as needed, whether it is to the laundromat, your laundry room, or around the house. The plastic construction is airy and lightweight, too. VENTILATED DESIGN: Featuring an allover cut-out design, this laundry hamper promotes airflow and helps to promote fast drying of wet clothing, towels, or linens, and also minimize mold and odor from developing. DIMENSIONS: Folded closed, this item measures 27.5 in L x 1.5 in W x 15.25 in H. When open, it measures 23 in L x 12.5 in W x 15.25 in H. STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Made with durable, heavy-duty plastic, this clothes basket is designed and built to last, even with frequent use and for carrying or storing heavy objects. MULTI-PURPOSE: Use it for more than just laundry! This folding laundry basket can also be used as an organizer to store items such as sheets and blankets together in your closet so they are neat and compact in your space and easy to find. USER FRIENDLY: This hamper is easy to use! Simply pull it open when you need to use it, and push it closed to collapse it when not in use. PERFECT FOR SMALL SPACES: The slender design of this folding laundry basket it makes it ideal for use in small living spaces. Use it in your apartment, studio, dorm room, closet, or in the laundry room. EASY CARE: Simply wipe clean with a dry or damp cloth to remove dust and debris, as needed.