Clothes Folding Drying Rack - cylindir


Use foldable drying racks to save space, money, and energy. The drying rack provides a simple solution for drying clothes. Prevent damage to your clothes and save energy by air drying. Our racks are versatile, durable, easy to use and store. Versatility: dry all clothes at once. The top bar can be extended to 60" inches wide. Designed to accommodate most typical household loads. The shelf also has 3 different positions for drying short and long clothes, as well as towels and quilts. The perfect size: get the length of Up to 20 feet of dry space. The dimensions when fully expanded are 52" x 60" x 26.5". The maximum weight is 35 pounds. Easy to set up and store: It can be assembled in 4 simple steps (including clear instructions). The compact and stylish design allows it to be stored with minimal space. Durable: The heavy-duty stainless steel structure is rust-resistant, making this rack ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Safety function: The rubber cover feet can prevent the rack from sliding. The lever has a patented locking function to prevent the lever from being retracted by mistake. Quality and safety are our top priorities, so you can rest assured that our products will stand the test of time. If there are any problems with any of our products, please contact us immediately, and our friendly staff will ensure your satisfaction.