Bryce Linen Drum Pendant Light by Finish Textured SAO2022430 - alder & ore


The Bryce Linen Drum Pendant Light from Alder & Ore is a simple, yet clean and appealing modern piece that brings a comforting layer of light to the space without overwhelming the senses. Hanging from a single thin rod, the oversized drum pendant provides an even silhouette to the home while providing a welcoming glow from the lamps within. The light filters out in a soft and flowing manner that gently diffuses through the shade before decorating the space around it. From mid-century modern silhouettes to industrial-rooted materials and finishes, Alder & Ore features a diverse range of aesthetic inspirations in its lighting collection. Each design melds the ever-important function with forms ranging from rustic to transitional, from farmhouse to contemporary. Across the collection, Alder & Ore designs showcase a warmth that make each fixture feel right at home in a variety of settings and styles. Shape: Drum. Color: White.