Brielle 4 Light Pendant by - mitzi - hudson valley lighting


A powerful mid-century inspired look with a compositional presence that inspires. The Brielle 4-Light Pendant by Mitzi - Hudson Valley Lighting uses a striking vintage-inflected look with four individual frosted Glass globes that emit a clean ambient glow designed to create vibrance without overpowering existing architectural elements. Each is mounted on a Metal frame that is accented with a round concrete cylinder to accent its transitional look and feel. It’s a subtle look despite its standout profile and engaging characteristics. This unique and smart piece is designed to fill in open floor plan spaces, especially entryways, dining rooms, master bathrooms, and more. Established in 2017 by founder and CEO of Hudson Valley Lighting, David Littman, Mitzi is an off-shoot brand that emphasizes simplicity in its classic and contemporary designs. Inspired by the founder’s grandmother, who was a painter and master antique-finder, Mitzi - Hudson Valley Lighting offers a lighting collection with an accessible, down-to-earth feel, blending form and function in such a way as to keep a space well-lit and uncluttered.