Bonanza New Years Party Kit for 100 - beistle
($180.70 save 36%)


The silver and bright lights of New Years are upon you. Be ready to let the lights spark on you and your guests. The party is ready to go to an entirely new level when you use this Silver Bonanza New Year's Party Kit. We provide you with everything that your party could need to make it incredible! A beautiful silver style encompasses all of our accessories that will make your guests look great! Comes with noise makers, party beads, balloons, along with plenty of hats and tiaras to make the party sparkle. You're bound to have excited guests the minute they see your awesome decor! This kit will put all the others to shame and you'll know you made the right choice instantly. Bring a chic sleek style that's plenty of fun to your party. We'll handle the decoration, you make the good times!