Ballino Multi Light Pendant Light by Finish Matte BALLINO_S5BC_ORGCORD - ricca design
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Exuding refined Italian elegance, the Ballino Multi-Light Pendant Light from Ricca Design is a contemporary piece with a balanced aesthetic. Finding inspiration in modern lifes contradictions, architect and designer Marcello Pozzi sees the beauty in humble materials, contrasting finishes, and artfully arranged simple forms. Pozzi works this trio of factors into the Ballino with finesse and minimalist style. The circular metal canopy elegantly contains the piece while defining it with slick surface quality. Colored, braided cords provide an intriguing switch-up of colors that speaks to an Italian design tradition. Tubular lamp holders emphasize the texture and color of the cords as they frame them together with the canopy. Frosted glass globes twist into the holders with refined silhouettes that suggest classic lamps. Sporting LED lamping, light fills up the generous volumes, then scatters out for a soft, spacious glow. Pierluigi Biasiolo established Ricca, an Italian lighting company, in 2014 as a division of OR Illuminazione, a family-owned-and-operated design company since 1965. Ricca's experimental design philosophy combines high-quality Italian excellence with cutting-edge technology. Aiming to bring lax Italian living to every consumer, Ricca's linear pendant lights, wall sconces, and floor lamps give a taste of luxury to any space. Shape: Globe. Color: White. Finish: Black Chrome