Azara Tiger End Table With Tiger Exotic Inlay Caramelized by - greenington


Eye-catching fashion and dynamic structure. The Azara Tiger End Table with Exotic Tiger Inlay from Greenington features a clever design with enough minimalist to allow it to blend seamlessly with a variety of established motifs. The bamboo construction is earth-friendly, and the specific Tiger bamboo center accent waterfalls down the sides for a unique look. Beveled edges surround a built-in cubby that offers the perfect place to stash a remote or magazine. Stains are not used; instead, a process of heat and pressure is used to achieve the color, which comes out different every time. Established in 2004, Greenington works with talented craftsmen to produce contemporary furniture from the world’s most eco-friendly resource, Moso bamboo. Greenington’s manufacturing process makes the material stronger than Red Oak and suitable for heavy usage. In more ways than one can imagine, Greenington highlights the beauty of their bamboo with universal finishes. The Washington based company creates sustainable fine bamboo furniture for every room of the home or commercial space.