Aromachologie Nourishing Care Shampoo 9 fl oz - l'occitane


Formulated without sulfate* and silicone, this cream shampoo works to intensely nourish, smooth and envelope dry to very dry hair in a veil of softness. From root to tip, the hair fiber feels nourished without being weighed down. Hair looks supple, silky and beautifully shiny.*No sulfate Foaming agent Benefits:- Hair is cleansed and more nourished- Hair looks supple and silky- Hair looks beautifully shiny User Test Satisfaction:- Upon application, hair feels nourished (71%)* and the scalp is soothed (81%)*.- After one month, hair is shiny (71%)*.*Satisfaction test over 31 volunteers. A blend of essential oils combined with a nourishing natural complex to preserve beautiful hair:- 5 essential oils: Cedar, Lavender, Chamomile, Lemon and Eucalyptus that help to take care of the scalp- Exceptional olive oil. The olive tree is a tree with unique properties: able to withstand long periods of drought, it remains majestic in the most hostile soils. It is in a sunny area of ??Provence L'Occitane drew a unique blend of 3 varieties of olives forming one of the only oils penetrating the hair fiber, known for its highly nourishing power.. About this range: Essential oils capture a high concentration of a plant's benefits and are particularly suitable for use in hair care products such as L'OCCITANE'S Aromachologie range of shampoos, conditioners, and protection masks. Our Aromachologie body care collection also combines essential oils with natural scents for moments of well-being.