Ardesia LED Chandeliers by Finish Matte 139665 1000 - hubbardton forge


The Ardesia LED Chandeliers by Hubbardton Forge brings a handsome mix of materials into the home with this stunning design. A handcrafted metal frame is effortlessly suspended by a set of thin cables and holds pieces of natural Vermont black slate around its open form. Each piece is sheared and chiseled from a quarry less than thirty minutes from Hubbardton Forge, and the LED light guides within the frame that holds them highlight the natural variations that make each of these pendant lights unique. Bold and beautiful, this stunning addition to spaces casts a welcoming layer of illumination onto its surroundings. Representing forty years of hand-made, Vermont-forged designs, Hubbardton Forge offers timeless lighting solutions that are built to last. Shape: Round. Color: Purple. Finish: Mahogany, Tags: Wrought Iron Lighting