Apple Barrel 44287E Paintbrush Set Natural Bristle Chip Value Set 3 Piece - plaid
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Keep an ample supply of brushes on hand with the three-piece Apple Barrel Natural Bristle Chip Brush Set by Plaid. Featuring a selection of sizes for any Apple Barrel acrylic paint and craft project need, the set includes one each of 1", 2" and 3" brushes. The brushes' firm natural bristles are ideal for smooth, stroke-free application for paint and other mediums. The metal ferrules keep bristles intact, maintaining their precision shape for reliable use and reuse. Part of the respected Apple Barrel brand, crafters' choice for more than 20 years, the brushes are ideal for basecoating, filling in large areas, and applying overall and background patterns. Brush size is typically a painter's preference, but a general guideline is to use small brushes for details and small spaces, and large brushes for bigger areas. To ensure long brush life, clean while wet with mild soap and water. Let dry completely, and keep in the original package for dust-free storage and ready-reference. High-performance, high-quality tools are the secret to beautiful, professional-looking results. Plaid's assortment of brushes, tools, and accessories help ensure that your projects turn out right. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can rely on our collection of sponges, rollers, superior brushes and more, to give you a leg-up on your DIY projects. Get crafty with these handy tools & accessories made specially to work expertly with our assortment of high-quality acrylic craft paints. Perfect for stencilling, color-blocking, easy clean-up and more, these tools & accessories make it possible to complete your craft projects with ease.