Andy Anand Dark Chocolate Rum Cordials with Sea Salt Amazing Decadent Gift Boxed & Greeting Card Birthday Valentine Christmas Gourmet Food - andy anand chocolates


Oh là là Amazing way to have spiced Non Alcoholic Rum Cordial with Dark Chocolate. It has a liquid Rum center and it does not have alcohol. A Great Cordial which will make the evening the most memorable. We guarantee quality, freshness and great taste of this product. Fresher Than Fresh - DELECTABLE SWEET TASTE. Taste in every Bite, handmade in small batches, to create that unique taste not found in any mass produced Chocolates. Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings With This Unique Dark Chocolate Rum Cordials with Sea Salt, Basket Of One Pound With A Beautiful Greeting Card & Great Gift For All Occasions Mother & Father Day, Wedding, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, College Students & Families, Corporate Gifts.