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Nordic style multi-functional computer desk, spacious desktop can bring you a comfortable working and learning environment, greatly improving your learning efficiency. This table has two drawers, you can put your sundries into the drawer, so you have a clean and tidy desktop, when you want to find a small item, as long as you open the drawer can be found, finally do not have to get up to look elsewhere, convenient and fast. Save your precious time. This desk features a clean, modern design and realistic wood-grain look with subtle texture. The two wide drawers are perfect for storing office supplies, paperwork, and more. An ample desk surface gives you plenty of room to work, study or create. This learning table has different colors, in line with the different home environments, you can choose according to your own decoration theme. Put down the unnecessary tedious, simple and comfortable table, bringing you a simple and real life. The company's good dining table makes busy working hours warm. Elegant and comfortable, fresh and natural, life should be so beautiful. Size: 42.7"L x 21.7"W x 29.5"H / 39.4"L x 21.7"W x 29.5"H Color: Brown, Size: 29.53" H x 39.37" W x 21.65" D