Adair Outdoor Pendant by - hinkley lighting


Like a held lantern on a New England coach light, the Adair Outdoor Pendant impresses with its antique charm of early American days gone by. The hefty body hangs from a compact ceiling mount and sturdy chain link. The body starts with clean, sweeping lines on the roof, providing a playful, geometric touch to a rectangular body. The four sides of glass panels reveal a set of candle-style bulbs that efficiently and elegantly send out crisp, clear light to your outdoor living space. Cleveland-based Hinkley Lighting is driven by a passion to combine design and function to create exceptional lighting solutions. Family-owned Hinkley began as a traditional lantern company in 1922, and, still today, they produce top quality outdoor lighting. Hinkley Lighting has also expanded to include a full range of interior lighting solutions, including chandeliers, sconces, pendants and vanity lights.