Grosgrain Ribbon for Crafts and Bows 7 100 Yards - gwen studios


Daffodil Yellow 7/8" Grosgrain Ribbon in 100-Yard Bulk SpoolYou'll enjoy crafting, sewing and decorating with Gwen Studios Grosgrain Ribbon! Our 7/8” Grosgrain Ribbon comes in a generous, bulk 100-Yard Spool suitable for bridal projects, crafts, floral design, decorating, gift wrap, sewing and more.Woven from the highest quality fine yarns and piece-dyed for color consistency, Gwen Studios Grosgrain Ribbon is completely reversible. Our gorgeous Yellow Ribbon is perfect for making and embellishing a variety of projects including wedding, bridal, baby, sewing, crafts, gift wrap and home décor. Best of all, our Grosgrain is made of 100% Polyester machine washable fabric, so it won't shrink or fade!Grosgrain's Ribbed Texture is Perfect for Bows and CraftsThe unique grooved texture of Gwen Studios Grosgrain Ribbon's lends itself to a full range of practical and decorative uses. With woven edges and ridges, our ribbon is ideally designed so the grooves interlock assuring a firm hold at the base of bows and knots. Use Daffodil Yellow Ribbon alone or combine with other Gwen Studios array of ribbon colors and widths. Grosgrain Ribbon Creative Ideas and UsesThis medium width, 7/8” Yellow Grosgrain Ribbon makes a versatile add on to wedding crafts and sewing projects, the cutest hair bows, wrap headbands, mini clips and curly korker bows. Mix and Match to show off School or Team Colors with delightful Cheer or Dance Bows and Decorations. Embellish with gems, beads or charms to create gorgeous bookmarks, lanyards, gift tags or key fobs. Sew different colors and widths of Grosgrain Ribbon together to create a fabric that can be made into a wallet, coin purse or clutch.Grosgrain is perfect for Baby crafts! Sew short loops all around pieces of flannel fabric to create a mini-ribbon blanket for baby to play with. Attach clips and elastic bands to short lengths to make a pacifier ribbon holder for baby shower or baby gift.Dress up a bridal shower or birthday party by making colorful Ribbon Wands, Cake Pop Bows, Party Favors or decorative garland. Fashion gorgeous Spring Wreaths by wrapping ribbon around wire or foam hoops and embellishing with ribbon bows, rosettes and curls.Grosgrain is the ideal ribbon for gift wrapping presents, tying on gift tags, making ribbon roses or creating curly bows. With Gwen Studios Grosgrain Ribbon, your imagination and creativity come to life with each loop, crimp, bow and curl. The possibilities are endless!