6 in Stainless Steel Kitchen Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grill Oven BBQ with Free Cooking App - clockwork orange llc


Meat it - wireless meat thermometer is the meat probe for the 21st century. The revolutionary thermometer allows you to focus on your guests while it monitors the meat with no wires from the app. Insert this food-grade, easy to clean, stainless steel meat probe into your fish, chicken, steak, or venison. You can step away from the grill, BBQ or kitchen by utilizing the free app, select your type of meat as well as your desired level of readiness. Want a well-done filet mignon or an ultra-rare waygu. No matter your desire, you covered. The Meat it has dual sensors for external and internal temperatures and can with stand up to sustained temperatures of 500° F and flare-ups of up to 1000° F for 3-minutes. Connect it to your smartphone and receive alerts or notifications when food is good and cooked. Perfect for grilling, smoking, a BBQ, the oven, and with all varieties of meat and styles of preparation. Meat it also has an extractor tool to remove the probe hot off the heat of grills or ovens, and charges via a USB charger - no batteries required. Achieve perfect results consistently, so you and your guests can enjoy your meal to its fullest.