4 Piece Stainless Steel Baking Sheet Set - spicymedia


The oven tray is made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel. The melting point of the stainless steel baking tray is higher than that of the aluminum baking tray. It will not release toxic aluminum substances due to too high a temperature like an aluminum pan. The baking tray is pure stainless steel without chemical coating or other materials. Compared with the coated baking tray, there is no need to worry about the coating falling off and getting into the food. In order to protect your family's health, please use stainless steel oven tray. Stainless steel oven tray is a perfect replacement for an aluminum oven tray or chemical coating bakeware. Features: mirror finishes, roll edges, deep rim, non-toxic, heavy-duty, clean easily. Kitchen assistant: The baking tray can be used to roast chicken wings, hamburgers, and chips, can be used to serve grapes, apples, and other fruits. Please clean the baking tray when first using it. In case there are any other substances in the baking pan. Please clean and dry the oven tray after using it for its durability.