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Freshee 3 Piece 100% Cotton Bath Towel Set

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3 Piece 100% Cotton Bath Towel Set - freshee
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“I just LOVE doing laundry” said no one EVER! Are you tired of towels that smell after just one use? Would you love to do less laundry? Introducing Freshee! With Freshee your linens have an invisible shield against funky smells and odors that lasts use after use. No more smells means less work for you and more time to do the things you love. Because lets face it, laundry sucks! Each Freshee 3 piece set comes with 3 100% Cotton with 100% Polyester Color End Hem Sport Towels-(44Lx13W)-More Later (Grey), Margarita (Navy), and Champagne (Aqua).