10 Watt Integrated LED Wall Ceiling Flush Mount with Doppler Sensor Dusk to Dawn Multi Function Light - esenlite


EE110WMC, eSenLite Green Energy LED light offers outstanding quality and reliability. It is built with advanced Doppler sensor technology and engineered SMART energy saving features. This is a unique AC Powered LED Sensing Light with SMART operating capability and pure white LED color. It has a stylish lightweight design and is easy to set up for use and install. It features high energy efficiency and can be installed in many different locations. It is very responsive and always lights-up when motion is sensed. This light is designed and built with a long operating life cycle to provide many years of trouble free service using SMART Green Energy Technology, environmentally friendly LEDs and Doppler motion sensing technology. This light is especially designed as a retrofit replacement light for replacing outdated AC lighting fixtures and for new installations to provide energy saving illumination. It is priced affordably and offers a wide range of uses for residential, commercial and industrial applications. This light can be ceiling or wall mounted. It produces a maximum brightness of 900-Lumens (equivalent of a 100-Watt bulb).