Dog Nail Clippers, Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Pet Nail Clippers Cat Claw Trimmer - Quick Sensor Safety Guard Lock for Thick Nails Cutting

Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clippers Heavy Duty Pet Nail Clippers Cat Claw Trimmer -Quick Sensor Safety Guard Lock for Thick Nails CuttingProfessional Dog Claw Clipper: The dog toenail clippers is made of top rated stainless steel sharp blades, there is a special plate/guard which can be quite easy adjusted, and it helps you to adjust the depth and hardness of cutting. The safety guard make it easy for placing correctly and prevents from over-clipping/nail damage at a cutting. The safety guard make it easy for placing correctly and prevents from over-clipping/nail damage at a timeDog Nail Clippers with Safety Guard: The pet nail clippers is perfect for your dogs/ cats nail trimming and maintenance, These clippers have a guard on them which only lets you cut a bit at a time - you can remove this guard, be careful there is a blood vein inside the nail, then start off by clipping really small lengths at a time, and are better for medium to large dogsQuickly and Safety: The dog nail trimmer with sharp razor blades makes it easy to cut kitty nail and keep her calm, you don't need too much strength to squeeze the clippers and cut the nail, free worry of being scratched up by your kitten,saved your furniture and hands and arms.Ergonomic Design: The nail clippers with locking tab and safety guard outside the handles reduces the risk of injury makes you easier to cut without any nervous, and Easy to lock blades allows for safe and convenient storage. Large non-slip coated handles are comfortable to grip and provide great leverage for fast effortless cuts.100% Warranty: Each PrimePets dogs nail clippers comes with a 30 days warranty and money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with our nail trimmers, please contact with us without any hesitant, we will solve your problem in 24 hoursAre you tired of seeking suitable nail clippers for your pets ?Are you still paying extra money for cutting nails for your cat in vet ? Let our large nail clippers help you trim your pet nail without any bloodFeatures: Durable and High QualityOur professional grade cutting blades nail trimmer is made from high quality stainless steel which meets US standard, perfect for medium& large animals. Sharp blade is the most crucial part of the nail clippers, high quality stainless steel blades are manufactured to ensure sharpness so you can cut your pet’s nails in one smooth, clean action. Our stainless steel blades are durable and maintains its sharpness for long periods of time. Safety and Easy to Use The pet nail clipper has a nifty guard-plate on one side of the clipper that prevents you from going too deep. This works great and will give you a lot of confident in yourself to not hurt the dogs. The guard ensures you won't cut too much and clip the quick and the clippers are sharp making it a fast trim and less discomfort for your dogs. The handles are comfortable and won't slip. Making it easier to cut the long & thick nails. Easy to handle and makes trimming its nails simple and easy. Solid Construction and Sturdy Our cat nail clippers are very sturdy and well made, comfortable grip, definitely solid in your hand. The good quality nail trimmer are easy to use for large Doberman and medium sized Aussie Shepherd.  read more