Polti Vaporetto Smart Mop - Compact Steam Cleaner with 12 Accessories

Steam cleaner with a high pressure boiler Vaporetto Smart Mop is a steam cleaner that combines the strength of steam, generated by a high pressure boiler, with a practical steam mop, thanks to the Vaporforce brush. Compact and provided with a complete set of accessories to effectively clean a number of surfaces: from floors to blinds, from hobs to curtains, from bathroom fixtures to plants and much more. High pressure boiler, up to 51 psig Vaporforce brush Adjustablfrom bathroom fixtures to plants and much more. High pressure boiler, up to 51 psig Vaporforce brush Adjustable steam output with "steam ready" indicator light Parking system for brush and accessories 12 included accessories VAPORFORCE BRUSH: FASTER, MORE EFFECTIVE CLEANING The new polygonal brush has a wide steam delivery surface which combines with excellent flexibility to get into even hard to reach spaces, guaranteeing faster and more effective cleaning. The integrated bristles make it easier to remove caked on dirt, as the power of steam works with the abrasive action of the bristles. STOP GERMS AND BACTERIA 99.99% of germs and bacteria are killed by the power of Vaporetto steam, proven effective in independent studies. EASY ATTACHMENT - NO HANDS Thanks to the simple attach/detach system, you don't have to bend down to attach the cloth to the brush. In fact, Vaporetto Smart Mop combines the practical ease of a broom with the strength of steam offered by a cylinder steam cleaner with boiler. CLEAN CARPETS AND RUGS TOO Vaporetto Smart Mop has a special frame that allows it to move easily over carpets and rugs, allowing you to clean these surfaces with steam, eliminating dust and unpleasant odours and removing dirt. ACCESSORIES ALWAYS WITHIN REACH All the accessories, including the extension tubes and the Vaporforce brush, can be placed in the rear compartment, offering the dual advantage of keeping everything within reach while cleaning and keeping everything organised when the work is done. FOR CLEANING VARIOUS SURFACES Using the various provided accessories, you can clean different surfaces: taps, bathroom fixtures, tile grouting, mirrors and windows, hobs and burners, radiators and rolling shutters, cabinets and doors, clothing and curtains. ERGONOMIC HANDLE, FOR MORE COMFORTABLE USE The steam hose offers a lighter and more practical ergonomic handle to which accessories connect directly, without the need for an adaptor. GOODBYE TO CAKED ON DIRT Using the steam concentrator, stains and hard to remove dirt like grease and limescale won't be around for long. SAFETY CAP Technology at the service of safety. The Vaporetto cap does not unscrew if there is even a minimal residual pressure inside the boiler.   read more