NuCelle Mandelic Travel System SPF 30 w/ Scrub - Oily

Kickstart the ultimate skincare regime with the NuCelle Mandelic Travel System SPF 30 w/ Scrub for Oily skin. The set of six moisturizing, cleansing products work together to create a complexion that is clean, clear and glowing. The Set Contains: Mandelic Cleanser (20ml) This powerful cleanser effortlessly sweeps away surface impurities without stripping away the skin’s essential moisture. Infused with the power of Mandelic Acid, makeup remover gets rid of unwanted y the skin’s essential moisture. Infused with the power of Mandelic Acid, makeup remover gets rid of unwanted bacteria while leaving your skin intact. The soap-free, non-comedogenic formula thoroughly cleans and unclogs pores without leaving lasting product that could further dry out or irritate skin. The complexion is left clear, healthy and radiant. Mandelic Toner (20ml) A gentle formula that uses 2% Mandelic Acid to lift and remove all of the skin’s impurities and leave behind a refreshed, radiant complexion. Marine Extracts provide a blast of hydration that penetrates deep into pores to provide long-lasting protection from environmental elements that threaten to dry out the skin. The toner is powerful and effective, but gentle enough to use before or after cosmetic skin procedures. Mandelic Serum 10% (20ml) Reveal clear skin with a lightweight serum that transforms the appearance. Fortified with the toning and skin-clearing properties of Mandelic Acid, your skin will appear brighter, smoother, clearer and more even each time you use this product. Powerful on blemishes and unwanted pigmentation, but gentle on skin, this product is safe enough for use before and after cosmetic skin procedures. SunSense SPF 30 (20ml) A lightweight, oil-free and non-greasy sunscreen that offers ultimate sun protection and safety in the face of damaging free radicals. The sunblock hydrates and aids skin by maintaining an adequate balance of moisture without clogging or irritating pores. Designed to be safe, gentle and effective for all skin types, even those with the most sensitive skin, the sun cream ensures protection from UV radiation and prolonged hydration. Mandelic Shine Control Moisturizer (20ml) A lightweight moisturizer that hydrates and traps essential moisture while absorbing excess oil. Designed to combat aging as it fights dryness, the velvety cream utilizes innovative shine control ingredients and Mandelic Acid to leave the complexion with a healthy glow. Papaya Skin Exfoliator (20ml) Reveal radiant results with a nourishing exfoliator infused with fragrant, fruity Papaya. Dry, dead and flaky skin cells are flushed away to reveal the softer and smoother skin underneath. The combination of fruit and nut ingredients gently slough away and dissolve the dead, revitalize the new, making way for healthier and more resilient skin. read more