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New Balance 574 Casual Running Shoes - Rain Cloud / Team Red

New Balance's Popular All-Around ModelThe New Balance 574 has humble beginnings as a value running shoe, but it rose steadily through the ranks of popularity since its introduction in the 1980s. The model was one of many in the extensive resume of footwear designer Steven Smith, who artist Kanye West personally recruited to be part of his YEEZY footwear design team. During his time at New Balance, Smith focused mainly on running models, the perfect pairing, as Stevegn team. During his time at New Balance, Smith focused mainly on running models, the perfect pairing, as Steven is a life-long runner. Smith wanted to make sure his designs were a combination of aesthetics and function, so he created models that he would enjoy running in. That mindset gives you an idea of how the 574 originally came about. It was technically a hybrid model, taking cues from two of his other designs. The upper came from the New Balance 576 model with alterations to the bottom coming from the 577, although with slight modifications. The result is a timeless design that is constantly brought back time and time again through creative storytelling and collaborative partnerships. Endorsed By No One to EveryoneUnlike most of its competitors, New Balance once went by the motto "Endorsed By No One," spending marketing budget on ads featuring average "everyday Joe" actors, and sticking with a numerical model system. Over time, they would eventually partner with athletes like James Worthy, and supermodels like Heidi Klum, but the 574 garnered its popularity organically. ENCAP cushioning was a major selling point for the value model. ENCAP technology consists of a shell made from a supportive and durable polyurethane and a soft EVA core sitting in the middle, and makes for an extremely comfortable cushioning system. Originally the 574 model received extra attention as it was worn by competitors in marathons, often seen on the podium. But this running shoe has evolved into a lifestyle model, with added cool points coming from its frequent sightings on the feet of musical artists like Pharrell and read more