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Mayline ACD6024LGS Aberdeen Credenza, 60"W x 24"D, Gray Steel Tf

Whether you're looking for an additional work surface or simply more storage space for important books and reference binders, the Aberdeen 60" wide Credenza Desk delivers just what you need. An ideal companion to your primary Aberdeen Desk (sold separately), the Credenza Desk offers plenty of additional space to draft emails at your laptop computer, line up books and binders for quick reference or simply display inspiring pictures of family and friends. With four stbooks and binders for quick reference or simply display inspiring pictures of family and friends. With four straight sides, the rectangular Credenza Desk makes the most of the space you give it - run it along a wall, slot it in the corner or drop it in the center of the room, its amiable angles will fit right in just about anywhere. One grommet hole in the top and a notch in the back of the Credenza Desk let you discreetly guide cords and cables from the surface down and out to a power outlet, helping promote a cleaner, more organized work area. And if that power outlet happens to land directly behind the Credenza Desk, the recessed back panel of the unit provides 3" of space to accommodate the plug and still allow the desktop to rest flush against the wall without any gaps. An eye-catching fluted trim wraps all the way around the bold edge of the 1-5/8" thick top of the Aberdeen Credenza Desk, providing a touch of stylish definition and conveying your appreciation for an attention to detail. The durable, scratch- and stain-resistant laminate finish of the Credenza Desk helps it better withstand daily office use and maintain its professional look for longer. This Credenza Desk coordinates with the entire Aberdeen Series of Desking, Conference and Reception Furniture, so you can create a complete, cohesive and professional office environment. To take your office storage potential to bold new heights, consider adding the sophisticated, cabinet-covered shelving of an Aberdeen Hutch (sold separately) to the top of your new Aberdeen Credenza Desk. read more