Cats Can't Get Enough of This Probiotic-Coated, Digestive-Friendly Food

Give your cat's digestive health a boost with the help of Wellness CORE Digestive Health Cat Food.

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Meet Wellness CORE's Gut-Healthy and Cat-Approved Natural Food

Keeping your cat from scratching up your new sofa is hard. Keeping your cat full and healthy is easy thanks to Wellness CORE Digestive Health Cat Food. Not only are the dry foods and patés formulated with the tasty flavors cats love but they're filled with nutrition-boosting ingredients. They'll hardly know their favorite meals are secretly super healthy.

Each Wellness CORE Digestive Health food is designed with enzymes, probiotics, and fiber to ensure optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. Ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids and flaxseed will support a shiny coat, while vitamins and minerals will help boost their immunity. The digestive enzymes and probiotic coating will help improve digestion from the very first meal, but they'll keep working to support a healthy, balanced microbiome for your cat, long-term.

Cats can be picky but thankfully there's a Wellness CORE Digestive Health option for every individual need and taste. Whether they prefer dry food or wet food, salmon or turkey flavors, there's sure to be a formula your kitty loves. Amazon reviewers note that even fussy eaters love the taste of their Wellness CORE food, and tend to eat the entire meal rather than just picking at it. Some even swear their cat's coat is shinier and their personality is more playful after dining on Wellness CORE Digestive Health.

This may feel like boutique-level food but you can still enjoy wholesale retailer convenience. Stock up and buy your food in bulk with the option for 11-pound bags of dry food or 12-can packs of wet food. If you select Amazon's Subscribe and Save option when you add your pick to your virtual cart, you can even get regular deliveries straight to your door and receive a discount in the process.

Support your cat's whole-body health—and treat them to tasty foods they'll love—by feeding them Wellness CORE Digestive Health Cat Food.

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