Sneak In a 10-Minute Workout Anywhere with These Easy-to-Tote Resistance Bands

Close-up of woman in a light bra sports bra using a red resistance band for her arm workout.

No time to hit the gym? No problem. Toss one of these resistance bands in your bag for a quick workout at the office and beyond.

One pink and one blue booty resistance bands. photo

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Booty Booster

Squats aren't the only way to tone your tush. You can take the Booty Bands anywhere for a butt-boosting workout. Use the blue for strengthening and pink for fine toning. If you're new to using resistance bands don't sweat it; on the back of each box you'll see the Booty Bands website where you can find exercises to inspire you.

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Purple figure 8 resistance band with black foam handles. photo

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Ultra Heavy Resistance

Most sets come in light, medium, and heavy resistance, but this figure eight band takes your workout to a new level with ultra heavy resistance. Some machines at the gym can be tricky to figure out, but all you'll need for a five minute full-body workout is your resistance band, yoga mat, stability ball, and two light dumbbells. If you're on the go and don't have room in your bag for a lot of equipment, just take along the band and you'll still break a sweat.

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Blue resistance band with two black grippers at the end for your feet and handles at the top. photo

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Full-Body Workout

There's no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a machine when you can get a resistance tube rower for a fraction of the cost—not to mention it's more compact, too. You can use it while sitting down like you would with a traditional rowing machine, or switch things up and use it while standing. Pack this band in your weekender bag the next time you travel so you can conveniently exercise at the hotel or the airport.

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Round blue band with black ankle straps. photo

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Full Range Resistance

Complete with ankle straps, this resistance band's circular design allows full range of motion for a more versatile workout. Blue is heavy (15 to 20 pounds) resistance, but you may want to start with green (light) or yellow (very light) and work your way up if you're new to resistance training. This band is a great option on days when you don't have access to weights and want to sneak in a leg workout.

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Orange training cable in a coil with black handles on each end. photo

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Light Resistance

Perfect for beginners, this training cable has light resistance that can be used to work multiple muscle groups. Use it for lunges to tone your bum and legs, bicep curls to tone your arms, and crunches to strengthen your core. These are simple exercises you can do during lunch break at the office or in the morning before leaving the house. When you get used to using this band weight, you can purchase a higher resistance for more of a challenge.

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