This Job Platform Acts Like a Personal Recruiter for Your Small Business—Here's Why It's Worth It

Hiring for Your Small Business? Monster Can Help

If you own your own small business, you probably know how hard it can be to find high-quality candidates for your growing team. Between the hours spent browsing subpar resumes and the creative brain power needed to draw up a job description to find and attract new candidates, hiring on your own can be challenging.

Enter: Monster, the hiring platform that makes it easy to find top talent quickly. When you sign on to one of Monster's three hiring plans, which encompass everything from one-off hires to rapidly growing teams, you immediately have access to its network of top-tier candidates. Monster's team of talent-sourcing experts is dedicated to helping you find the right candidates, using its unique tools and resources to make your search quick and easy. Gone are the days of juggling multiple job listings across dozens of hiring sites—Monster shares your job listing far and wide on spots like its widely used website and app,, and its very own diversity network.

Plus, Monster does the tedious work of combing through potential candidates for you, seeking out and screening job seekers that seem perfect for your role, then sending you only the most qualified candidates. And when the right candidate comes along, Monster makes it easy to stay in touch with them through its streamlined (read: time-saving) automated text and email tools, including automatic follow-up messages. They've even compiled helpful hiring advice on topics like recruiting strategies, job description templates, and hiring for small businesses.

If you're still not convinced, turn to the community of small businesses and hiring professionals who rave about their Monster experience:

"We have found more quality candidates on Monster than we have on competitor sites." — Breanna Battisti, marketing and account coordinator, Omni One

"Monster means more than job postings for us… It's their technology and support that really make them a true partner." — Kevin Brown, vice president of human relations, Atkins

"Monster took the burden off our small team, and took care of all the sourcing and screening for us. This was a very cost-effective solution to meet our hiring needs." — Jill Halley, human resources manager, AccuQuote

Clearly, Monster is the place to go to hire quality candidates for your small business quickly and easily.

The best part? Hiring plans start at just $249 per month, and you can easily up your plan as your hiring needs grow or pause your plan when your roles have been filled. Each plan gives you access to dozens of Monster's benefits, including pre-written job descriptions, an easy-to-use dashboard to monitor your candidates and job posting, and even employer branding solutions to help you create the best possible representation of your company (from your job posting down to your company profile), so you're always getting the most out of your Monster experience.

If you're ready to grow your small business quickly and effortlessly, visit to start your search.

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