I Tested the "Greatest Pillow Ever Invented" to See If It Lived Up to the Hype—These Are My Honest Thoughts

Is Purple's new high-tech Harmony Pillow as amazing as promised? I tested it to find out. (And starting November 1st, you can save $100 on your Purple order when you purchase two Harmony Pillows plus sheets with a discount automatically deducted at checkout!).

The Harmony Pillow Is Unlike Any Other Pillow I've Ever Seen

For a pillow marketed as "meticulously engineered," "instantly adaptable," and "the greatest pillow ever invented," it was clear from the start that the Purple team wasn't messing around with weak, wishy-washy promises. I was skeptical to say the least. Surely it couldn't be as amazing as they claimed—after all, at the end of the day (pun not intended), a pillow was just a pillow.

When I first opened the package containing my Harmony Pillow, I was shocked. Although it appeared white and rectangular like most regular pillows, it also contained a Purple Grid (a hyper-elastic polymer honeycomb-like structure) underneath the lightweight mesh cover. I found the pillow to be soft and squishy, and it promised to circulate a cooling airflow thanks to over 1500 openings, or "AIR Zones." Beneath the Purple Grid was the Talalay Latex Core, the pillow's soft support system that promises to adapt to your body and sleeping position to keep you comfortably supported at all times—without ever falling flat.

To sum up my first impression, this was a squishy pillow with a noticeable support system and a strange (but not uncomfortable) hexagonal structure, that still managed to feel lightweight. I also noticed when you added pressure, the Harmony Pillow sprung right back up, unlike the memory foam pillows I was used to.

I Slept Better With the Harmony Pillow Than I Have in Ages

All that being said, could such a strange new pillow actually be comfortable? As I was surprised to find out, the answer is yes, yes, yes.

I've spent the last 10 or so years with my beloved (though relatively flat) memory foam pillow—so beloved, in fact, that I've refused to replace it despite knowing that it is very much past its prime. In other words, I was hesitant to try out a new pillow. What I quickly found out when I tried the Harmony Pillow on the first night; however, is that the Talalay Latex Core and Purple Grid really pulled their weight and cradled my head and neck in a soft, responsive way, similar to my old memory foam. While my head comfortably sank into the Harmony pillow, it was immediately met by support that held my head and neck up, rather than letting them sink uncomfortably through the pillow, onto my mattress. Despite knowing that there was a supportive pillow under my head and neck, I could hardly feel anything at all—seriously, the pillow is so weightless, and relieves so much pressure, it was like nothing was below me.

Not only was it incredibly comfortable, but the Harmony Pillow also helped me sleep better, too. As someone who's always had trouble sleeping, I've been using an app to track my sleep, hoping to get a sense of how long it takes me to fall asleep, how deeply I'm sleeping, and how long I'm actually asleep for. Before the Harmony pillow, I was sleeping between 5 and 6 hours per night, and getting the app's low score for sleep quality. The very first night I tried the Harmony Pillow; however, I noticed a huge change in my sleeping habits—my sleep quality increased from 60 percent to 87 percent overnight, and I've maintained that high score every night that I've slept on the Harmony pillow. While I can't scientifically claim the Harmony Pillow is the only reason my sleep has improved (I've been making an effort to get to bed earlier, too) it certainly has helped.

The Harmony Pillow Has Definitely Earned a Permanent Spot on My Bed

Overall, I was totally blown away by Purple's Harmony Pillow. As hesitant as I was at first, it's truly replaced my beloved old pillow. I even wake up at night to find my boyfriend trying to steal it from me in his sleep—that's how amazing the Harmony Pillow is. Now, I'm sleeping better and feeling more comfortably than I ever did before. I've realized it's finally time to say goodbye to my outdated, overused pillow—and I can't wait to make the Harmony Pillow a permanent part of my sleep routine.
To buy: $159; purple.com