Goodbye Headaches and Hangnails: Everything You Need to Stash in Your Desk Emergency Kit

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Your desk is basically your home away from home—so why not treat it that way? These little desk essentials will have you prepared in any little emergency, whether you're suffering from a blister from those amazing new shoes or warding off the virus that's plaguing the office.

Purple tin of Welly Blister Blasters from Target photo

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Welly Blister Blaster Bandages

We've all been there: You're so excited to show off your super cute new shoes to the entire office—but by 3 p.m. your feet are so sore you're considering abandoning them and going barefoot instead. Enter: Welly Blister Blaster bandages. They're flexible and perfectly shaped for your fingers and toes, with a waterproof exterior that ensures they'll last all day long. Plus, their pretty purple tin looks stylish sitting on your desk, and it's refillable to help you cut down on waste.

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Silver mini manicure kit from Anthropologie photo

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Mini Manicure Kit

Midday hangnails are officially the worst. Sure, you can try and ignore them until you have access to your usual trimmers at home, but if you understandably can't wait until you have the proper tools, you're likely to leave a sore mess in its wake. Thankfully, you can avoid the whole situation entirely by keeping a mini manicure set, like this one, tucked away in your desk. It offers all the essentials in a smaller size, so you can toss it in your purse for on-the-go use, too.

To buy: $20 (was $22);

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Dark red Victorinox Swiss Army card with tools from Amazon photo

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Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Card

From the trusted Swiss Army brand comes a little tool you'll wonder how you ever lived without. This small (read: wallet-sized) card features a pair of scissors, a pen, a letter opener, a ruler, and more. If there's one tool you'll want to keep on hand for any situation, it's this one.

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Green package of Halls Defense drops from Amazon photo

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Halls Defense Drops

When the dreaded office sickness makes its rounds and infects everyone in your desk's vicinity, you'll want to be prepared. Rather than succumbing to the illness, arm yourself with these vitamin C drops to help decrease your chances of catching the virus in the first place. They come in yummy citrus flavors and support your immune system with 100 percent of your daily source of vitamin C in each drop. Just be sure and double up on the hand sanitizer, too.

To buy: $7;

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Black package of Met-Rx protein bars from Amazon photo

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Met-Rx Protein Bars

Sometimes, that lunch salad just doesn't cut it. If you find yourself with a case of the midday munchies, resist the urge to drop a dollar into the vending machine, and instead snack on a protein bar like one of these. They're incredibly filling, help you power through the rest of your day, and they come in a wide variety of candy-like flavors so you can feel like you're treating yourself, too. (P.S. My favorite flavor is Super Cookie Crunch!)

To buy: $16 for a pack of nine;

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Red package of Tylenol Extra Strength pain reliever tablets from Amazon photo

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Tylenol Extra Strength Pain Reliever Tablets

If you spend most of your day staring at your computer, you know the pain (and the frequency) of screen-related migraines. When you feel one starting to kick in, make sure you have pain relievers on hand to stop it in its tracks. We like these pre-packaged options because you can take them wherever and whenever, without having to pull out a noisy bottle of pills in, say, your all-important budget meeting.

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Clear travel sewing kit from Cost Plus World Market photo

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Travel Sewing Kit

Wardrobe malfunctions, especially when they occur in the office, can be awful, emotionally scarring affairs. Chances are, if you've had one, you remember it, and you'll want to prepare yourself so it never happens again. This kit is just the thing to have on hand for mending loose buttons and unexpected tears, thanks to the included mini scissors, backup buttons, safety pins, needles, and thread.

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Blue Welly first aid kit tin from Target photo

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Welly Quick Fix First Aid Kit

You never quite know when you're going to need a first aid kit, which is why it's so important to always have one handy. This one from Welly comes stocked with colorful (but professional) adhesive bandages, hand sanitizer packets, and antibiotic ointment for simple and safe wound cleanup. And when you're out of supplies, you can either restock the set or reuse the tin as a paper clip holder.

To buy: $7;

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Multicolored carry-all pouch from Society6 photo

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Terrazzo Autumn Carry-All Pouch

If your desk's short on storage space, keep all your essentials tidy in a carry-all pouch like this one. Not only does it add a touch of modern style to your otherwise utilitarian desk, but it also makes it easy to take your must-haves on the go in your purse when you're not at work. And since there are three sizes to choose from, you can pick the one that best stashes all your essentials.

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