Parents Should Invest in This Four-in-One Convertible Bed, Especially While It's On Sale

Use this incredible furniture find to create a bed that will grow with your child through every stage of lifeā€”and right now you can get it all for less than $950.

Here's Why You'll Be Obsessing Over This Convertible Bed

Just like their clothes and shoes, kids can outgrow their bedroom furniture rather quickly. Instead of purchasing a new bed frame for every transitional stage (which can be costly and clutter your home), invest in this four-in-one convertible crib. Its unique design is made from sustainably sourced wood, features a child-safe, water-based finish for extra style points, and includes an adjustable metal platform that allows you to raise or lower the mattress (sold separately) as your child grows. It's great for babies and toddlers up to three years of age. Depending on the child, three is usually a good age to start the transition from a crib to a toddler bed.

In order to transform your baby's bed, you'll want to add the toddler bed and full bed conversion kits to your cart, too. These kits come with everything you'll need to transform each bed with ease. Editor's Tip: It's recommended to order the crib and both conversion kits at the same time to ensure you have everything readily available when you need it. If you would rather wait, just note that it can take up to 14 weeks for each kit to arrive (if it's still in stock).

Similar to the crib, the toddler bed will give you peace of mind thanks to the guardrails that help prevent your child from rolling off the bed as they sleep. It also features a small opening where they can get in and out of bed independently to help the transition run smoothly. This new type of freedom can be an exciting time for them, so don't be surprised if they become a "nocturnal traveler." While there's no "right" age to make the transition to a full-size bed (or as they might call it, a "big-kid bed"), once you feel your child is up for the change, you can break out the full bed conversion kit.

The full-size bed is a good fit for most kids, teens, and even some adults so you can use it as a guest bed once the kids are grown and out of the house. The dark acorn finish is sleek and versatile, but if you need some decor inspiration, we've got you covered with these incredibly cute bedding sets.

This ingenious bed can be a major money-saver and can be passed down to numerous kids in your family. So what are you waiting for? Snag everything now while it's on sale and still in stock!