5 Ways You Can Change Lives Around the World by Partnering With This Century-Old Charity

There are so many ways to enact change that will last a lifetime with Save the Children. Now celebrating its 100th year, Save the Children has been tirelessly working to improve the lives of children around the world—and you can help.

Do Good That Lasts a Lifetime with Save the Children

What It Is: Save the Children has been advocating for children across the world for 100 years—working toward everything from improving childhood literacy to keeping kids in war zones healthy and safe. Since its founding in 1919, Save the Children has grown to reach more than 155 million children in 120 countries around the world, including 237,000 here in the US. It's committed to serving the most vulnerable members of our community—our children—who often can't advocate for themselves.

Right now, they're focusing on the idea that changing a life lasts a lifetime—meaning that even a small act on behalf of a child starts a ripple of change that affects not just that child, but their family, their community, and the whole world. All of these small acts add up to change the course of children's lives, so they can fulfil their potential and achieve their dreams.

Save the Children relies on its supporters to perform its lifesaving work—and here are a few ways you too can help create change that lasts a lifetime.

How You Can Get Involved:

  1. The first, most important thing you can do is sign up to stay connected with Save the Children. This will give you access to the wide variety of programs the organization runs throughout the year, so you can personally get involved. Just enter your name and email—it's that simple.
  2. Then, take part in fun activities that raise awareness for Save the Children, like donating your birthday. Ask your friends on social media to donate to Save the Children in honor of your birthday. Instead of receiving unwanted presents you'll likely have to return, you can do good for the kids of the world—it's a win-win.
  3. Become a donor through a one-time monetary gift or a recurring monthly donation. Your gift will help children in the US and around the globe by delivering support that ripples through their lives and their communities, enacting real change.
  4. Sponsor a child through Save the Children. Whether you choose a child in the US, in another country, or a refugee, you can make an impact that will last their lifetime. You'll not only support them financially for around $1 per day, but you'll be able to personally connect with them through letters and updates. You can feel good knowing that your support is making a real difference in a child's life.
  5. Shop from Save the Children's Gift Catalog, which offers a number of targeted items that are guaranteed to create change in a community. Whether you decide to give goats, sheep, or chickens that can help a family lift itself out of poverty, or life-saving measures like mosquito nets and medicine, you're giving a tangible gift that's improving the life of a child.

As a century-old organization focused on helping children, Save the Children actually offers more than five ways to support its mission. Whether you'd rather start your own fundraiser, support emergency relief efforts, or send gifts to kids in poverty, savethechildren.org offers a ton of information on ways to get involved with causes that are near and dear to you. By partnering with Save the Children, the impact you make literally lasts a lifetime.