I Put the Bowflex LateralX LX5 to the Test—Here's My Verdict

There's a lot of exercise equipment vying for space in your home gym—especially right before the new year. As with any major purchase, it's best to do as much research as possible before spending (sometimes) thousands of dollars on a machine. While everyone has different fitness goals and expectations for their cardio equipment, I found the Bowflex LateralX LX5 to be one machine worth the investment—here's why.

My Review of the Bowflex LateralX LX5

I'm going to start off by admitting that I'm not a huge fan of elliptical machines. I'll use one to warm up before I start lifting weights, but it's not my go-to cardio machine. I just never feel like I get a good workout on an elliptical. I hardly even break a sweat. If I want to get my cardio on, I'd much rather hop on a stair climber or treadmill.

I had the opportunity to try the all-new Bowflex LateralX LX5, and I was immediately skeptical. It looked an awful lot like an elliptical machine, but it didn't feel like one once I started working out. The LateralX LX5 doesn't just allow you to move forward and backward like an elliptical, but simultaneously side to side. It felt a little strange at first, but I could tell I was using muscles (particularly in my thighs) I didn't even know existed, and the wider I set my lateral stance, the more I could feel the burn in my obliques.

The machine offers a number of preset programs to choose from, but I've stuck with manual mode because I like having greater control over my workouts. I judge the quality of my exercise by how much I sweat and how my body feels the next day. The first time I used the Bowflex LateralX LX5, I was soaked with sweat after 30 minutes, and my legs, arms, and core felt fatigued. I took the stairs at work the day after my workout and could feel that satisfying soreness that typically follows rigorous exercise.

In addition to the full-body workout, the Bowflex LateralX LX5 can also help keep track of progress for up to four different users. And it plays music every time you reach a new milestone, which I find motivating as I work out. I'm glad I discovered this machine now so I can get a jump start on my New Year's resolution (working out at least four times a week).

So what's my verdict? I recommend the Bowflex LateralX LX5 to anyone who is looking for versatile, low-impact cardio equipment to help them achieve their fitness goals. Check out the side bar for more details about my personal experience using this machine. And if you want to add the Bowflex LateralX LX5 to your home gym, now's the time. Through December 25, 2018, you can save up to $599 if you order online and use the code HOLIDAY.

To Buy: $2,699; bowflex.com