Incredibly Fun Two-Person Board Games to Play at Home

Home Sweet Home made with Scrabble game pieces

Has self-isolation turned you into a game hoarder? If you're in the market to add one or two more to the collection, we scoured the internet for the best two-player board games out there. But hurry, they are selling out like toilet paper.

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The Best Two-Player Board Games

Top Rated Two-Player Game: Bananagrams

In the words of Gwen Stafani, this self-isolation is driving us bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S; however, games, puzzles, and movies are saving what's left of our sanity. Pun totally intended, Bananagrams is a great pick for you and your quarantine buddy to stay on top of your vocab game and to engage in a friendly one-on-one challenge. This word game is basically a faster-paced version of Scrabble, building as many words as fast as you can with the letter tiles. Feed your brain and soul what it really wants, something to take your mind off stressful times and something to keep you entertained other than Netflix shows and TikTok videos.

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Best-Selling Two-Player Game: Jenga Giant

When it's a party for two, you can't go wrong with a round (or four) of Jenga. Whether your opponent is 6- or 66-years-old, this suspenseful game is sure to be a hit. The best part is, this giant version of Jenga is played on the ground and can grow to be over five feet tall. Pulling and piling the blocks one after another gives you a whole lot of thrill and even more laughter, knowing the tower could come crashing down at any moment. To spice things up, write a question or an action on the blocks for players to answer or act out after they take a block out.

To buy: $119 (was $170);

The Easiest: Switch Board Game

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your phone again (we're all guilty!), opt for a simple board game to play with your loved one. From the creators of Connect 4, Switch is a board game that leaves all the complicated rules behind and gives you a good old-fashioned memory test. Pour yourself a glass of wine and let the games begin!

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The Most Advanced: Risk 1959 Board Game

Risk is a game you either love or hate, but considering it's been around since 1957 we figured it has enough of a following to include it on our list. A game of military strategy, the goal of it is to build an army, take over territories, and defeat the other player in combat. It's equal parts challenging and time consuming, making it a great choice for those with a lot of time on their hands during quarantine. Set the mood with dim lighting and intense video game background music, and remember to bring your inner warrior to the battlefield.

To buy: $40;

Longest Two-Player Board Game: Six-Dice Farkel

A game you'll want to play for hours on end, Farkel is a competitive yet lighthearted pick perfect for two players. To play, you roll six dice to try to get a high score, working your way up to the winning goal of 10,000 points. Whether or not your luck comes through, this game is sure to become one of your favorites.

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Shortest Two-Player Board Game: Solid Wood Folding Cribbage

Beat the boredom with a classic card game: Cribbage. Featuring a wooden game board, scoring pieces, and a deck of cards, this set provides you with all the tools you need to have a successful game night. Plus, its easy-to-learn instructions allow you to start playing right away, even with young kids. If you and your isolation pal have been playing several rounds of solitaire and rummy, cribbage is a fun way to switch things up.

To buy: $13 (was $19);

Best Cooperative Game: The Game Card Game

Another must-have card game to add to your virtual cart, The Game is all about teamwork. One five-star shopper says, "I absolutely LOVE this game! It's addicting and fun. We have sat down and played it for hours without even realizing how much time has passed." Easy-to-grasp yet challenging to win, the game involves a deck of cards numbered 2–99 you and your partner have to sort into two piles, with one increasing and one decreasing in values. The tricky part is you can't tell the other player what numbers you have in your hands.

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Best Competitive Two-Player Board Game: Smartish Trivia

Sometimes trivia games can sound intimidating, especially when your opponent seems to know everything about everything. Luckily, someone was looking out for us Average Joes and created Smartish, a trivia game where you're able to pick which categories you want to receive questions about. Trivia topics include things like sports, music, movies, and more, so people of all interests will stay engaged. Competitive? Yes! But also an enjoyable game for both players.

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Best Classic Two-Player Board Games: Wooden Chess & Pachisi

Throwing it back (like all the way back) to some of the most ancient games of all time, Chess and Pachisi. Get the most bang for your buck with this two-in-one game board featuring both of these classics plus a storage bag to keep all the little pieces in one spot. Timeless yet oh-so-entertaining, there's a reason these two games have stayed popular for this long.

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Best Two-Player Board Game for Couples: Scattergories

If your quarantine crew is just you and your significant other, you've probably done everything under the sun to stay sane. Thanks to Scattergories, you two can have new Friday night plans that don't involve another movie or delivery dinner that takes way too long to decide on. To play, you're given a topic you have to write answers to starting with each of letters in the word, all while racing against your partner and a timer. Get the popcorn and drinks ready; this game is worthy of taking up your whole night.

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Best Two-Player Game for Young Kids: Candy Land Connect 4 Mashup Game

Does it get any better than a blend of Candy Land and Connect 4? Kids will go crazy for this all-star mashup featuring a Connect 4 grid and Candy Land-themed tokens. The simple directions are easy for youngsters to pick up on, but they can always create their own rules using their big imaginations. Perfect for ages 6 and up, this epic combo with two of the best-selling games ever is sure to keep the little ones amused for hours.

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Best New Board Game: Ticket to Ride Express: New York City 1960

Grab your quarantine buddy and go back in time to the 1960s. A more focused version of the popular game Ticket to Ride, this edition takes you through the streets of New York City 60 years ago. In this highly rated game, you use taxi cabs to travel from place to place, visiting all the famous landmarks. It's a race to the finish line, so you and your opponent will have a lot of fun trying to beat each other to each destination.

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Most Splurge-Worthy Two-Player Board Game: Ticket to Ride

In the original version of Ticket to Ride, instead of taking taxis through just one city, players construct train routes to get all over the country. One five-star reviewer says, "It's nice you can play with just two people or with the whole family. I felt it was a bit pricey for a board game but turned out to be well worth it!" Strategic yet easy-to-learn, it's no wonder why 99 percent of reviewers recommend this family-friendly game.

To buy: $45;

Most Affordable Two-Player Game: Wild & Wolf Who Am I Quiz Game

When in doubt, go for a quiz game. For just $8, this game provides clever clues to get your opponent to guess the correct celebrity. If you or your isolation partner love celebrity gossip or movies, this game will be a total hit.

To buy: $8 (was $10);

Best Two-Player Fantasy Board Game: The Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis

For those who love a game full of humor, this adult spin on The Game of Life is where it's at. The title Quarter Life Crisis gives you a good idea of what kinds of cards will be in this game, such as everything from losing a job to losing Wi-Fi. One five-star shopper says, "It's relatable, and every card kept us laughing. The situations were realistic and that's why it was so much fun!" Hop into this hilarious game of real-life scenarios and you'll be hooked all night long.

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