The DSLR Camera the Pros Use—and It's Surprisingly Inexpensive

Whether you're a professional photographer looking for a lightweight camera that isn't too pricey, or someone who just loves taking photos, this budget-friendly DSLR camera is a great choice.

Canon DSLR Digital Camera

A DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera is a pro favorite. It stands out from other cameras because of its ability to capture exact images at record speeds. It provides the optics and mechanism of a single-lens camera, and features a digital imaging sensor that replaces the need for film. Unlike other point-and-shoot models, DSLR cameras offer various manual options to get the best photo results. It also has multiple lens choices.

The average DSLR camera can run up to $800, with some models costing into the thousands, which can be a stretch for people who want to take better photos than they can achieve with a smartphone but aren't trying to start a career in photography. That's why—at $399—the Canon EOS Rebel T6 makes a solid choice for a DSLR camera.

This digital camera contains all the benefits of professional equipment but can save you hundreds of dollars. It features a high performance DIGIC 4+ image processor for quick display results, 9-point AF system for impressive auto focusing, and an 18.0 megapixel image sensor that captures vibrant photos and videos even in low-light situations. It's also equipped with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity so you can upload to social media, print, and share your images instantly.

All the high-tech features may sound overwhelming if you're new to photography, but this model comes with several auto settings, making it easier for beginners to capture beautiful photographs. One happy Amazon customer agrees, stating, "I think if you're a beginner and want to explore photography, you can't go wrong with this. There's full automatic where the camera does everything, to semi-automatic where you control several things but the camera does the rest. All around great camera for a beginner, enthusiasts, or a pro who needs something smaller and lightweight."

Unlike other DSLR cameras, the Canon EOS Rebel T6 is designed to be lightweight, a feature that's especially helpful when you're on the go.. Whether you use it to explore an interest in photography, to capture higher-quality family photos, or just to snap adorable pictures of your pets, the EOS Rebel T6 will be an excellent addition to your tech collection.

To buy: Canon EOS Rebel T6 Camera, $399 (usually $549);