You Don't Need Bulky Exercise Equipment for an Amazing Home Workout—These Finds Prove It

A woman working out in her home

We have good news: You can officially cancel your monthly gym membership and pick up affordable, easy-to-use exercise equipment instead. From a portable treadmill to a foam roller, you'll have everything you need for a full-body workout and recovery.

Light blue reversible yoga mat from Lululemon photo

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Reversible Yoga Mat

Unlike other yoga mats, this one from Lululemon has a reversible design that's made to absorb moisture to give you a better grip throughout your entire session. This lightweight mat—available in five color combinations—has a thin 3mm construction that can be easily transported from your home gym to the yoga studio. Reviewers say it has been a total game changer for them and has made mastering new moves so much easier. One satisfied customer says, "I was tired of slipping and sliding in certain poses while being super sweaty so I'm thrilled I made the purchase. I've had this mat for about a year now and through whatever practice (sweaty or not) it holds up."

To buy: $68;

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Color-coordinated resistance band set photo

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Resistance Bands

Instead of purchasing thin, latex bands that are prone to breaking, you may want to consider this set of three durable cotton resistance bands for core and lower body workouts. (We know the cotton construction sounds strange, but hear us out.) Not only can they help you work multiple muscle groups, but they feel soft against your skin and won't curl up or leave behind red welts. These slip-resistant bands are color coordinated to match three different fitness levels for low (purple), medium (pink), and high (gray) resistance, so you can work your way up and continue to improve.

To buy: $17;

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A set of six dumbbells photo

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Neoprene Dumbbell Set

Is a home gym really complete without dumbbells? We don't think so, and this seven-piece set from Walmart can definitely help you reach your fitness goals. It includes three sets of weights (5, 10, and 12 pounds) and even comes with a storage rack to help organize your space. The hexagon-shape head prevents the dumbbells from rolling away in between sets, and we like the color combo that complements the resistance bands above.

To buy: $95;

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A set of two core sliders from Amazon photo

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Core Sliders

These core sliders probably aren't the first thing you associate with a killer core workout, but this under-$15 find delivers just that. Each set comes with two dual-sided sliders that work on both carpet and hard floors, and there are so many ways you can use them to intensify your routine (think ice climbers, planks, push-ups). Plus, they're super compact so you can toss them in your carry-on and get in a quick workout even while you're traveling.

To buy: $11;

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Blue recovery foam roller photo

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Recovery Foam Roller

Whether you haven't worked out in ages or are a fitness fanatic, everyone needs a recovery day. This nine-sided foam roller will do wonders for sore muscles, thanks in part to its innovative, textured design. Use the five-star roller to help relieve tension, stretch your muscles, and minimize lactic acid, which can build up over time and exacerbate soreness. You'll likely feel the difference even after one use, so you can tackle your next workout at your best.

To buy: $35;

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Portable folding treadmill from Walmart photo

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Portable Treadmill

Dedicating an entire room in your home to exercise equipment may not be feasible, but this portable treadmill gives you way more flexibility. It features a foldable design so you can store it in a closet or in a small corner to keep it out of the way when you're not using it. The built-in water bottle holders are good reminders to stay hydrated, and the media shelf allows you to multitask by listening to music on your phone or reading on your tablet.

To buy: $210 (was $391);

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