Now that I've Used the Garmin Vivomove, I'll Never Use Another Activity Tracker Again

I received the Garmin Vivomove as a gift, and now I never leave the house or go to sleep without it. Here's everything I love about this activity tracker and why I recommend it over any other brand.

This Is the Most Stylish Activity Tracker On the Market

My dad usually doesn't know how to shop for a 22-year-old woman, but to my surprise he nailed it this past Christmas. The latest Apple Watch was at the top of my list even though I knew it was a stretch at $400. My dad ended up getting me what he thought was a great alternative, and it turns out the Garmin Vivomove is the best activity tracker I've ever tried!

As soon as I opened the gift box I was instantly in love with the sleek white silicone band and rose gold touchscreen face. I never knew a smartwatch could look so fashionable and sophisticated while including all the functions I need in an activity tracker. I wear it to the office, the gym, while I sleep, and even to weddings (everywhere!). The setup was quick and easy; all I had to do was download an app on my phone to sync the two together, type in my information, and violà! Of course it tracks my steps, heart rate, and performs other basic activity tracker functions, but I love that it also allows me to add custom workouts into the app so it can keep up with how many calories I've burned. I never miss a thing thanks to the vibration feature that notifies me when I'm receiving a phone call, text, or social media notification. With one tap I'm able to view my messages, step count, the weather, or manage my music—so simple.

I sit a lot during my office job, so it's helpful that this smartwatch, like most others, reminds me with a light vibration to get up and move. It also uses my heart rate variability to track my stress levels and helps me be mindful when it's time to step away and decompress.

As for battery life I am very impressed because it lasts about six days on the smart mode (which I always have on) versus two weeks on the regular watch mode. The only time I ever take it off is before I hop in the shower, but if you forget like I have (it's so comfortable it's easy to forget you're wearing it!) there's no need to worry. It's waterproof and can be taken in the pool if you like to swim laps for exercise. I leave it on while I sleep because I like to know how many hours of rest I'm getting each night, along with what my sleep patterns are.

With all the key features you would want in an activity tracker, the Garmin Vivomove gets bonus points for style and price point. (Thanks, Dad!)

To buy: $200;