This Waterproof Backpack Diaper Bag Makes Mom Life a Little Bit Easier

Whether you're packing for a weekend family vacation, an afternoon with the grandparents, or even a walk in the park, traveling with your little one for any length of time can be stressful. Thankfully, we found a waterproof diaper bag that more than 1,100 parents say is an on-the-go essential.

Everything We Love About the Mokaloo Backpack Diaper Bag

If you're looking for a diaper bag to add to your baby shower registry or needing to upgrade your current bag that's held together with safety pins and an old shoelace, we've got you covered with the Mokaloo waterproof backpack diaper bag. While it may seem like an ordinary backpack, it is the perfect organizational tool for on-the-go parents thanks to its 13 internal and external pockets in various sizes fit for most baby essentials. Two insulated pockets ensure your liquid gold won't spoil during a long car ride or morning stroll. And although you may think that a mess-proof diaper bag doesn't exist, this mom-approved version gets pretty darn close; the backpack has waterproof material on the inside and out for fuss-free cleanup.

We know all too well that every tote bag has the potential to become a bottomless pit, making it scream-worthy to search for that one elusive pacifier when you need it most. The ingenious thing about this backpack is that it's equipped with a wraparound zipper on the back so you can easily grab a blanket or diaper at the bottom of your bag—sans digging.

While these features alone make this a remarkable diaper bag, we're really excited about the removable stroller straps and USB charging port. If you're an overpacker (truthfully, though, you can never be too prepared when traveling with kiddos), you might not be able to fit this backpack at the bottom of your stroller, but have no fear because these stroller straps will easily secure over the handle for easy access to wet wipes, snacks, and whatever else you need. And there's no question that charging your phone on the go through your backpack is the perk you'll never want to live without again. One five-star reviewer says this Amazon find is "better than [her] $400 designer diaper bag" and the only thing she regrets is waiting until her third child to get it!

Not only is this backpack diaper bag highly functional, it's stylish too. The classic gray hue is the perfect gender-neutral bag fit for any parent. It's so cute no one will even know it's secretly a diaper bag. Considering the under-$40 price tag, this backpack is an incredible value so be sure to get yours while it's still in stock.

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