Lewis Hyman

Lewis Hyman Cordless Cellular Shades, White

These stylish cordless cellular shades fit one of the most popular interior design trends, and add a sophisticated accent to any bedroom, kitchen, living room, dorm room, or office decor. These are wonderful privacy blinds because they are opaque to the eye but still let some light through for a lighter look than solid or heavy shades. The 3D honeycomb shape is soft but very durable, and can clean easy with a duster or light vacuum. This set is a bright and airy whi is soft but very durable, and can clean easy with a duster or light vacuum. This set is a bright and airy white color, but we also have off white and light grey blinds available as well, to suit your personal home decor needs. They can also be combined with sheer or even blackout curtains for a convertible system and variety of effects. These cordless honeycomb shades are easy to lower and raise, without using any cords. They are pet-safe and kids safe, too! Simply pull down in the center of the bottom rail to lower them, and push up in the same area to raise them. A tension spring is utilized to keep the shade in place when no pressure is applied. Put them just where you want them, and they'll stay put hassle free. More than just easy to use, our Radiance cellular blinds are certified as "Best for Kids" by the Window Covering Safety Council. This is a window blind certification program created by an independent lab that only accepts cordless shades that are safe for kids. You can rest assured that these window blinds are not only stylish and convenient, but safe for the little ones as well. The mounting hardware is all included for easy installation, but if you're going to be upgrading from an old set of blinds, it's even simpler! Our unique Head rail is the same size as a traditional corded blind, so you can use your existing hardware with this new system. There's no need to remove your old hardware, just take down the old blinds and hang these stylish new shades in their place. These white shades measure 23 inches wide by 72 inches long, but other sizes are also available. read more