Lechuza Classico Self-Watering Polypropylene Indoor/Outdoor Planter White, Size: 16 in.

All-terrain self-watering planter for indoor and outdoor useIdeal for annuals, blooming plants, edibles and foliageEquipped with a reservoir and water gaugeStrong, durable polypropylene in choice of finishesAvailable in a variety of sizes. Trendy and sophisticated, the Round Lechuza Classico Self-Watering Indoor Planter is a gorgeous way to showcase your favorite annuals as well as blooming plants; both edibles and annuals. Crafted from lightweight, strong, and duraorite annuals as well as blooming plants; both edibles and annuals. Crafted from lightweight, strong, and durable polypropylene, this gorgeous planter has a matte finish and is made for indoor and outdoor use. An integrated water reservoir waters your plant automatically and eliminates over and under-watering. A water gauge lets you know when the reservoir is empty. An PON substrate aerates the roots and provides your plant with essential nutrients. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, you'll love adding this planter to your decor. Additional Features Integrated water reservoir helps keeps plants healthy Water gauge shows when the water reservoir is empty Designed to water plants so you don't have to Eliminates accidental overwatering Includes a potting medium which aerates the roots Potting medium also provides plants with nutrition Ideal for annuals and blooming plants How the Lechuza Self-Watering System WorksThis modern planter uses a self-watering, sub-irrigation system to nourish your plant. A supply shaft with water level indicator runs along the inside edge of the liner, making it easy to add water and liquid fertilizer while maintaining complete watering control. A layer of LECHUZA-PON granulate drainage material lies on top of the separator and regulates the amount of water your plant receives - no more rotten roots! After potting your plant with soil on top of the pon drainage material, you will need to water the plant from above through the soil for the first 12 weeks. Each time you water, fill up the supply shaft, too, and don't forget to add liquid fertilizer every other watering. After that, the plant roots will have grown deep enough to soak up water from the reservoir below. All you have to do is refill the water supply shaft when the level indicator reaches the Min position. At this point, your plant will be entirely self-sufficient for 1-12 weeks, depending on the size of your planter and plant. If using outdoors, remove drainage plug from base to release excess rain water while still maintaining reservoir supply. Size: 16 in.. Color: White - 13230. read more