Kardiel Tripod Plywood Modern Lounge Chair, Urban Pebble Twill/Oak

Tripod's arching curves and exaggerated seat lines earned the chair nicknames such as wing and smile chair. Kardiel's reproduction of the iconic mid century modern 1963 design is made in true form to the original. It is no accident that this reproduction has the most quality features, all designed to ensure long lasting service and great design. The plywood is molded to the exact curvature and dimension creating soft contours that invite you to relax and stretch youis molded to the exact curvature and dimension creating soft contours that invite you to relax and stretch your legs out. The exact back and seat tilt angle puts the sitter in the unique position originally intended. This high quality reproduction features all of the quality construction points and has the good posture of civility and solid form at a fraction of the original cost. * Heat and Pressure Molded plywood legs and body * Genuine American Oak Species * High Density low profile foam layer under seat and back * Fabric Type: Vintage Tailored Twill: 60% Linen, 20% Cotton, 20% Nylon * The wood frame has been uniformly kiln dried to a stabilized moisture level * Triple sanded wood for the smoothest possible surfaces * 5 individual coats of UV Cured hard polyurethane finish resists wear and scratches * True to original 4 flat head bolts on rear of back * Exacting reproduction details of dimensions and curves * Total Chair Dimensions: Width: 36.2", Depth: 29.5", Height: 29.5", Seat Height: 17.5" About Vintage Tailored Twill: Twill is an interwoven knit fabric. The thread takes turns in an over and under weave forming a crooked yet overall lineal rectangle pattern that can be discerned at close range. The pattern exists but appears somewhat random when viewed from a normal distance. Vintage Tailored Twill provides a more refined, tailored appearance than that of a typical coarse twill. It relies on the multi-tone nature of the fabric strands themselves to provide the appearance of depth of texture. All fabrics wear with time, however when compared to common fabrics types like boucle or felt, twill are often considered more durable as they exhibit less visible wear effects such as piling and fuzzing. read more